iHeater Vs EdenPure

by admin on October 25, 2011

The iHeater Vs EdenPure. Which is better?

I’ve no doubt that most of you will have seen both the iHeater and the EdenPure advertised on TV and you have probably thought to yourself that they both look very similar, but how can tell them apart? What are the main differences? I mean, for most of us, buying a new heater, a necessary item we purchase out of need rather than want, is something that we want to last for years so we need to ensure that we are buying something that stand the test of time both in it’s ability to work and it’s looks. Hopefully, after reading this short blog post, you’ll be able to make up your mind between the iHeater and the EdenPure leaving you to have a nice warm and cozy winter.


The iHeater is probably the more popular of the two heating systems and is cheaper than the EdenPure. The price may go some way as to the reason the iHeater is more popular but I think there is more to it than that.

The iHeater 1500 heats an incredible 1,500 square feet of space compared to the still not to shabby 1,000 square feet of heating from the EdenPure. As the iHeater uses infrared coils to heat the air space, it does not dry the air. This is a very beneficial feature both to the way it throws out an even heat but also in terms of not drying the air. Moisture being removed from the air, as happens with traditional heating methods, can dry the skin leaving it itchy and dry. Moisture being removed from the air can also be an agravating factor for people with breathing difficulties or asthma. Because the iHeater is also extremely safe to use AND very cheap to run, often saving up to 50% on heating bills, it is no wonder that it is such a popular heater.


Not to dissimilar to the iHeater in looks in terms of the natural wood or black finish outer box, the EdenPure is let down slightly by it’s older looking front panel. This won’t be the be all and end all for everyone but it is worth considering if you want to have something that you want to keep for a number of years. When this is compared to the iHeater’s modern digital display, the iHeater is almost certainly a better looking piece of equipment and more likely to blend in better with modern furniture.

The EdenPure pips the iHeater with an 8 foot cord compared to the iHeater’s 6 foot cord. Now this is something I never knew, but you are not supposed to use an extension cable with indoor heaters so this could prove to be quite an important buying decision.

The EdenPure comes with a pretty spectacular 5 year guarantee with the iHeater having a 1 year warranty.

When considering an iHeater vs EdenPure, both heating systems come with lifetime washable air filters, 30-day guarantees, free shipping, caster wheels and remote controls for easy adjusting.

Although both heaters will warm up a space of roughly 1,000 square feet, the iHeater would be the preferred choice if heating a larger area than that.

I found this in a forum whilst researching this topic.

Hoefully you are now a little more armed to decide if you are going to go the iHeater or EdenPure route. Either way, I hope you have a lovely warm winter.

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A Closer Look At iHeater Reviews

by admin on October 19, 2011

If you are reading through the many iHeater reviews that have been posted online and are trying to decide if you should buy this infrared heater unit, you are not alone. So many people have already tried these units out for themselves, and they love them so much that they are talking about them to friends and family, and they are also writing reviews about them, too. So just what are these reviews actually saying about the units and what you can expect when you use them?

Saving Money

Most people who write iHeater reviews talk about how much money they have saved. Some offer a pretty detailed analysis of how much money they spent during a previous year on their heating costs versus this year, so you can see for yourself how much actual money people are saving. Many share details about how large their home is and what part of the country they live in so you can get a pretty good idea about just how cold it’s getting outside for these people.

Warmer Winters

When you read through at least a few of the iHeater reviews that have been posted online, you will find that many of the reviews don’t just say that people are saving money by using these units, but they are also staying warmer, too. It can seem like a novel idea to stay warmer and save money at the same time, but the fact is that hundreds and even thousands of people are doing just that with these units.

Why They Are Better

As you read through the incredible iHeater reviews that have been posted online, you no doubt are wondering just how these heating units are providing these benefits to people. The fact is that infrared heating units work differently from traditional heaters. While traditional heaters simply blow warm air around and create a draft and cold air pockets in the room, infrared heating works by heating up the actual room including the walls, floor, furnishings, and more. This is by far a more efficient way to heat a space, so the cost savings and improved level of warmth are real benefits indeed.

A Solid Option

The fact is that making the improvement to using infrared heat in your home is a solid option indeed. You will find numerous iHeater reviews posted online that talk about these results, and here are just a few of those comments that others have left online:

“I got this for my mom and dad so it would cut down on their gas (for heat), and it works really great – just about heats the whole house.”
- – Greg, Amazon.com

“I’m still amazed at the performance of my efficient Iheater. I am so glad I bought one.”
- – Blue Eagle, Amazon.com

How Do You Find Them?

After you read through a few iHeater reviews, you will find that these heating units are indeed providing those who use them regularly with incredible sources of heat as well as cost savings on their utility bill each month, too. These are cost savings that you will want to enjoy for yourself, too, so you may be wondering just how you get one. Your best option is to head online to the company’s website. On this website, you can pick and choose from the variety of different models available, and then when you place your order, it will be shipped right to you. This is a no-hassle way to buy an innovative heating unit that really will save you money and keep you warmer during those brutally cold winter months!

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An iHeater Lowers Heating Bills

May 18, 2011

Click Here To Get The Lowest Price On The iHeater Like many other people across America, during the winter months you may find that your home often drafty and cold and almost impossible to heat cheaply? Maybe you are looking for ways to lower the rising heating bills. You certainly wouldn’t be alone.   Heating a […]

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