Amish Heat Surge Lowers Your Heating Bills

It is a challenging task to keep your home warm during winter time, especially in terms of the cost involved. Many heating systems manufacturers make a lot of claims, but donít deliver what they promise.

Heat Surge’s fireplace with Amish-made mantle promises to cut down your energy bills this winter, is portable and has the look and feel of a real fireplace. It comes in different wood finishes crafted out of real wood by Amish craftsmen. Convection heating technology is made use of to enable you to save money by heating just the room that you are occupying.

The Heat Surge comes assembled and ready to use. There is no need to provide any venting for the unit. It can be safely and conveniently operated through a remote control that is included. The Amish Heat Surge has two temperature settings. You can use the original Roll-N-Glow Electric Fireplace with authentic Amish crafted premium wood mantles in any room where there is an electrical outlet.  It can be conveniently used in any condo, house, dorm, mobile home, apartment, cottage, hotel, office, garage, etc.

It employs a zone heating concept. There is no need to heat all the rooms of your home when you are occupying only one room. When the unit is operated at the medium setting of 750 watts or 2555 BTUs, it can easily heat a bedroom of average size for approximately 8 cents an hour. At the high setting of 1500 watts or 5110 BTUs the cost of heating a 325 sq. ft. room will be 16 cents an hour.

The Heat Surge uses fireless flame technology to heat up the room. It looks just like a real fire place, but there are no flames. The fake fire and flickering effect is created by a rotating globe, allowing light to shine through various shades of coloring that imitate the appearance of burning logs.

The heating is achieved with the help of infrared technology. It is the mantle that gives the appearance to the Heat Surge. The preassembled mantles come with an engraved emblem of  authenticity. You can choose the right unit that matches with the dÈcor of your home as there are several designs and wood colors are available. The mantel-pieces are made by Amish workers in Ohio using solid American wood.
The major benefits of Amish Heat Surge are as follows:

  • It heats up your home effectively and efficiently. In certain situations, one unit may be sufficient to heat up the entire home.
  • The quality of workmanship of the mantle-piece is very good. It comes preassembled and hence there is no chance of you breaking any part while assembling at home. The heating unit is also made out of good quality material and is certified by Underwriters Laboratories as it meets national safety regulations.
  • It offers a safer and cleaner alternative to traditional firewood fireplaces.   There is no smoke or soot.
  • The heating unit can be safely operated by people of all age groups.
  • It operates quietly. With the help of a remote control you can turn the heater and its display on and off, switch between low and high settings, and select brightness settings for the fake flames from many options.
  • Many people may not be aware of the fact that infrared heating does not pose a fire hazard. The outer portion of the Heat Surge remains cool, eliminating the risk of causing burns to children or pets.
  • As infrared heaters operate without the use of natural gas or propane, there is no danger of carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Solid wood used for making the mantle is superior, compared to particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF) used by cheaper models, in terms of strength and durability. Formaldehyde resin used to bind wood particles in the case of particle or fiber boards, is classified as a carcinogen by WHO.

You can check out Amish Heat Surge, if you struggling to strike a balance between keeping your house warm and your monthly energy bills. It is built to last since high-quality materials are used and are crafted by professional craftsmen. The company also offers a money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the product. Keep your home warm during the winter season and enjoy good health.

The Heat Surge Heater

With winter now here and outside temperatures starting to drop it’s time to turn up our thermostats, watch utility bills go up, and heat up our homes. Or is it? What if there was an alternative to a traditional heater that cost far less to operate? What if there was a way to keep your home warm and comfortable through the long winter months without having to pay high utility bills? Well there is a way to do just this, by using a heat surge heater you can keep your home warm while avoiding the high costs that this usually incurs.

Heat surge heaters are a safe, effective, and financially sound way to heat your home through the winter. With an economy that is putting all of us under a tremendous financial strain, finding ways to save money on your energy bill is a great way to help make ends meet. With the safe and affordable option that these [popup_product]Amish built heaters[/popup_product] provide it only makes sense to consider them as a better alternative to your traditional electric heater or gas furnace.

Heat surge heaters use less electricity than most coffee pots making them extremely cost effective. They also use infrared heating to heat your home meaning that they are safe to the touch and won’t burn you. Having such a safe source of heat means that you can sleep well at night and not have to worry about your children’s safety when they are near the heater. Most heat surge heaters comfortably heat up to eight hundred square feet, and they do so without any source of combustion or fumes. Heat surge heaters use the moisture in the air around you as a means to conduct their heat so that the air won’t feel dry or irritating.

They are also extremely low maintenance meaning that all you need to do is turn it on and enjoy it’s warmth. With a low cost to operate, low maintenance, effective heating, and their high level of safety heat surge heaters are truly an ideal way to heat your home.

Many of us can remember fond childhood memories as we sat around the fireplace during the winter and enjoyed it’s warm glow and crackling embers. Although fireplaces are highly effective at heating a room, they also pose significant risk since open flames are needed. Fortunately there is now a safe alternative to traditional fireplaces, this alternative is the heat surge heater. Providing the warmth and glow of a fireplace through the use of safe infrared heat, heat surge heaters allow you to enjoy the comfort of a fireplace without having to deal with the risk of an open flame. No more buying firewood and cleaning out the chimney. No more having to put a fire out and make sure that there is no risk that it will reignite. Now with a heat surge heater you can enjoy all that a fireplace has to offer without the hassles that they involve. Now you can sit with your family at night and take in the warmth and beauty of a heat surge heater without needing to worry about dealing with a fire.

Everyone needs to save money where they can now, and until now having high heating bills through the winter was something that most people were forced to accept. Fortunately there is now an alternative to paying high utility bills that will still allow you to live in comfort in your home. By using the glowing warmth of infrared heat, heat surge heaters are able to keep a large area warm and comfortable at a fraction of the cost of a traditional heater. Why not add a beautiful addition to your home’s furnishing by including a heat surge heater? They will save you money on your utility bills, provide a safe form of heat, and keep your home warm and comfortable through the winter. With their many benefits a heat surge heater is the smart way to keep your home warm and save yourself money at the same time. No longer is there a need to dread the high cost of heating your home all winter. Instead you can sit back, relax and enjoy all of the wonders that the holiday season has to offer.

By using a heat surge heater you and your family can enjoy the winter months without having to worry about paying high utility bills.

iHeater Vs EdenPure

The iHeater Vs EdenPure. Which is better?

I’ve no doubt that most of you will have seen both the iHeater and the EdenPure advertised on TV and you have probably thought to yourself that they both look very similar, but how can tell them apart? What are the main differences? I mean, for most of us, buying a new heater, a necessary item we purchase out of need rather than want, is something that we want to last for years so we need to ensure that we are buying something that stand the test of time both in it’s ability to work and it’s looks. Hopefully, after reading this short blog post, you’ll be able to make up your mind between the iHeater and the EdenPure leaving you to have a nice warm and cozy winter.


The iHeater is probably the more popular of the two heating systems and is cheaper than the EdenPure. The price may go some way as to the reason the iHeater is more popular but I think there is more to it than that.

The iHeater 1500 heats an incredible 1,500 square feet of space compared to the still not to shabby 1,000 square feet of heating from the EdenPure. As the iHeater uses infrared coils to heat the air space, it does not dry the air. This is a very beneficial feature both to the way it throws out an even heat but also in terms of not drying the air. Moisture being removed from the air, as happens with traditional heating methods, can dry the skin leaving it itchy and dry. Moisture being removed from the air can also be an agravating factor for people with breathing difficulties or asthma. Because the iHeater is also extremely safe to use AND very cheap to run, often saving up to 50% on heating bills, it is no wonder that it is such a popular heater.


Not to dissimilar to the iHeater in looks in terms of the natural wood or black finish outer box, the EdenPure is let down slightly by it’s older looking front panel. This won’t be the be all and end all for everyone but it is worth considering if you want to have something that you want to keep for a number of years. When this is compared to the iHeater’s modern digital display, the iHeater is almost certainly a better looking piece of equipment and more likely to blend in better with modern furniture.

The EdenPure pips the iHeater with an 8 foot cord compared to the iHeater’s 6 foot cord. Now this is something I never knew, but you are not supposed to use an extension cable with indoor heaters so this could prove to be quite an important buying decision.

The EdenPure comes with a pretty spectacular 5 year guarantee with the iHeater having a 1 year warranty.

When considering an iHeater vs EdenPure, both heating systems come with lifetime washable air filters, 30-day guarantees, free shipping, caster wheels and remote controls for easy adjusting.

Although both heaters will warm up a space of roughly 1,000 square feet, the iHeater would be the preferred choice if heating a larger area than that.

I found this in a forum whilst researching this topic.

Hoefully you are now a little more armed to decide if you are going to go the iHeater or EdenPure route. Either way, I hope you have a lovely warm winter.

Why Should You Buy Infrared Heater Units

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Many people dread the cold winter months for numerous reasons, but the fact is that you can love winter once again when you buy infrared heater units for your home. Winter months are known for their brutally frigid temperatures, and in an effort to combat those arctic temperatures, many people pump up their home heating units. Of course, they have to pay for this later when that utility bill comes, and often the “amount due” is an astronomical figure that can bleed your wallet dry of every last red cent you have to your name. There is a solution to this problem, though.

What Is Infrared Heat?

When you heat your home, you basically have two different options available. Your current heating unit is the first kind, and this is most like the kind of heating unit that blows air around the room. This is one way to heat a room, but it isn’t efficient by any means. More often than not, it creates cold air pockets in the room that can leave you still feeling chilled. When you buy infrared heater units, however, you are using a different method to heat your room. These units send out infrared heat to heat the objects in the room rather than pushing air through it. This radiant heating method is far more efficient.

Solving the Heating Issue

When you buy infrared heater units, you will find that these are units designed to heat a certain amount of space in your home. Some are on wheels, such as the iHeater units, and these mobile units mean that you only really have to buy a single unit for your home as you can move it from room to room. Others, however, are stationary in design, so you will want to buy several for each room where you spend most of your time, such as the breakfast room, the living room, and the bedroom. Either way, though, you will have a heating unit that heats the entire room instead of just blowing warm area through the space.

Solving the Budget Issue

Many families struggle to make ends meet even when they don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to heat their home, and in winter months those high utility costs really add insult to injury where your budget is concerned. Most people who buy infrared heater units for their home actually enjoy tremendous savings from the units because they do indeed heat your space more efficiently. You will find that you have to run your furnace far less when you have one or several of these units in your home.

Choosing a Brand

Once you have decided to buy infrared heater units for your home, the next task is to find a brand to purchase. You will find that most people are very pleased with the results from their iHeater models. Here are just a few of the things others have had to say about this brand:

“I love the Iheater!!! I have not had to use my furnace at all since I got this Iheater and its got down to 30 degrees outside.”
– – Shelly,

“After 2 weeks, we actually went back and bought a second one. I have been more comfortable than I have in years.”
– – Paleogirl Darla,

How to Get One

If you have decided to buy infrared heater units and want to try out the iHeater, you will want to head over to the brand’s website. There are several different models available to choose from, and each will provide you with a great way to save money and stay warmer this winter!